Some regulatory changes in UK will become effective on July 1st, 2015:

As of July 1st, 2015 the rules of advertising regarding 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers will change. The cost of calling 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers will be made up of two parts which will make it a lot clearer for the caller to distinguish the cost of their call:

  • An access charge: This goes to the caller´s phone company, charged as pence per minute. The carriers will tell their customers how much the access charge will be for calls to service numbers.
  • A service charge

“Calls cost 20p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.”

Further details on correct advertisings can be found here:

All necessary caller rate announcements are amended and implemented by the carrier.

The caller rates will change as follows (please consider the new rates in advertisings as of July 1st, 2015):

Number Range

Pre 1st July Caller Cost

From 1st July Service Charge inc VAT


5p per minute

6p per minute


National Rate

8p per minute


10p per minute

13p per minute


50p per minute

55p per minute


75p per minute

80p per minute


£1.00 per minute

£1.10 per minute


£1.53 per minute

£1.55 per minute


£1.50 per call

£2.00 per call


£1.00 per call

£1.45 per call

A new Code of Practice will become effective.

If you operate in the PRS market, the most important changes to current regulation that you need to be aware of are as follows:

  • A new rule requiring providers to possess any qualifications and/or licenses required by law to operate their PRS before launching that service.
  • An updated rule around the requirement not to take advantage of a consumer’s circumstances that may make them vulnerable.
  • The removal of any spending caps currently contained within the Code or prior permission regimes - with the amounts and actions associated with them to be set outside the Code.
  • The raising of the “forced release” cap on live chat and sexual entertainment services from £30 to £45 per call (incl. VAT) – with requirements to inform consumers clearly when they have spent £15 (incl. VAT) and require them to clearly opt in to continue when they have spent £30 (incl. VAT).
  • The raising of the single purchase cap and monthly subscription cap on Children’s Services from £3 to £5 (incl. VAT) and a new purchase cap for Children’s Services of £20 (incl. VAT) per service in any given billing cycle.
  • The removal of a requirement for all PRS to supply and promote a non-PRS UK phone number for consumer enquiries (but to maintain appropriate and effective free or low-cost complaints processes).
  • The introduction of Special conditions to apply to defined higher risk service types – these will replace existing “prior permissions” regimes.

Further details can be found here:

All Freephone numbers (which begin 0800 or 0808) are being made free for consumers to call from all phones, whether mobile or landline.


Although this information has been compiled with extraordinary diligence, telequest & Internet Solutions GmbH assumes no liability for their up-to-dateness, completeness and correctness.
The customer is in spite of handing out this information obligated to gather all necessary information about the legal and regulatory provisions and the Code of Conduct of the particular country himself.

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