Recently a new Code of Conduct became effective in Sweden.

The most important general changes are:

  • Premium Rate call services shall always be marketed in Swedish.
  • For all Premium Rate numbers a Swedish helpdesk number (= Swedish landline) is necessary, which shall be accessible between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on working days. The agents have to speak Swedish. Outside business hours information regarding opening hours shall be provided in Swedish on an answering machine. Furthermore callers should have the possibility to leave their contact details. The message shall be replied to within 24 hours or on the next weekday.
  • In addition to the call charge (which has to be specified directly adjacent to the telephone number), to the details of the service and company details (name, address) the helpdesk number has to be included in all marketing material. End customers can find this number in their phone bills as well.
  • Complaints shall be dealt with within one day of being received. All complaints shall be dealt with individually. If the complaint does not result in the action required by the user being taken, the user shall be notified in writing of the reason why. The notification shall also include the complaint in full.
  • If a helpdesk call can´t be answered within 10 minutes the caller should have the chance to leave his contact details. The message shall be replied to within 24 hours or on the next weekday.

We would be pleased to send you the whole Code of Conduct including possible further changes for special kinds of services on request.

In case of further questions don´t hesitate to contact us.


With best regards

Your Telequest team



Although this information has been compiled with extraordinary diligence, telequest & Internet Solutions GmbH assumes no liability for their up-to-dateness, completeness and correctness.

The customer is in spite of handing out this information obligated to gather all necessary information about the legal and regulatory provisions and the Code of Conduct of the particular country himself.

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