Important information

On October 25th, 2006 an amendment to the Austrian „Universaldienstverordnung“ became effective: Since that time the Telekom Austria AG is no longer bound to afford unobstructed access from (public) payphones to 0800, 0810 and 0820 numbers.

In the future Telekom Austria AG will charge additionally for connections from public payphones to 0800, 0810 and 0820 numbers (Payphone Access Charge, PAC). The amount of PAC is 7,50 Eurocent per minute exclusive of VAT (billing: per second).

So we are also obliged to invoice this aditionally charge as of November 18th, 2006 (0:00 hours).

If you have further questions don´t hesitate to contact us.

Change UDV in Austria (effective from November 18th 2006)

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